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New Client Questionnaire

Please complete the New Client Questionnaire form. This includes some basic project information along with a budget calculator to estimate your total square footage and project budget.  

Note that the Project Budget calculator includes four different price levels for estimating purposes. We can discuss these with you in more detail, but in general, they correspond to the following levels of finishes and services:

  • ~$675/sf: Superior finishes and architecture
  • ~$600/sf: Higher quality finishes and architecture
  • ~$525/sf: Medium quality finishes and architecture
  • ~$450/sf: Budget-friendly finishes and architecture

Rest assured that no matter which level of service you choose, you will receive the very highest quality architectural designs.

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Budget Calculator

This calculator provides a rough estimate based on typical project costs. We will provide a detailed estimate once we learn more about your specific project.

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* Most of Studio S Squared's projects fall into one of these two categories

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